The Truth about Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Ga: An Epic Exploration Guide

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The Truth about Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Ga: An Epic Exploration Guide 

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

A popular attraction in the Blue Ridge Mountains is a scenic ride on the restored Blue Ridge scenic railway through the Appalachians. This picturesque train travels along a beautiful Toccoa river on old Marietta / North Georgia Railroad tracks. The trips are offered from downtown Blue Ridge to the quaint sister towns scenic borders of McCaysville (on the North Georgia side) and Copperhill (on the Tennessee side). Enjoy a scenic journey during the operational season from February to December.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Train Cars

The Premier class cabin is only available on 4-hour journeys and offers more comfortable seats, snacks/small meals, non-alcoholic beverages, a photo with the group, and tote bags.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Discounts

Some ways to cut the cost of trains on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway can be found online. Click here to find more Blue Ridge Scenic Railway tickets.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Train Ride

Built in 1886, the railway line is a great way to get away from it all and relax. The train runs along 26 miles of track through the Chattahoochee National Forest, offering breathtaking views of the Appalachian Mountains. 

The Blue Ridge scenic railway has something for everyone. Take an afternoon tour or an extended overnight trip to get lost in time and enjoy the beautiful lush forests, valleys, and streams that can be seen from the comfort of your seat. 

Your journey will provide plenty of opportunities to take picturesque photos along with memories that will last you a lifetime. 

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Reviews (check the website)

Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or a great family adventure, this scenic one-hour ride will provide an unforgettable fun experience that's perfect for any vacation.

Passengers can choose from either open-air cars or climate-controlled coaches for their journey along the historic rail line. The scenery changes with every mile, from small towns to waterfalls and mountain peaks – each more beautiful than the last! Plus, experienced narrators provide passengers with interesting facts about local landmarks and amazing stories of railway history throughout their journey. Onboard amenities such as snacks, souvenirs, and comfortable seating make this excursion especially enjoyable.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Contact Info

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

241 Depot Street

Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Text: 762-422-2039

Call: (877) 413-8724

Call to find out about their group discounts, holiday pavilion, and special events .

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  1. Book Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Tickets in Advance: To avoid missing out on this popular attraction, it's best to book your tickets for the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway in Georgia in advance.

  2. Dress Appropriately for the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway: The temperature on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway can vary, so dress in comfortable layers that you can easily add or remove.

  3. Bring Your Camera: The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway offers stunning views of the Appalachian Mountains, so be sure to bring your camera to capture the breathtaking scenery.

  4. Upgrade to Premium Class for a More Luxurious Experience: If you're looking for a more comfortable and luxurious experience, consider upgrading to a premium class ticket. This gives you access to a private car with plush seating, complimentary snacks, and drinks.

  5. Arrive Early for the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway: Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes early to allow time for parking, picking up your tickets, and boarding the train.

  6. Pack Sunscreen and Bug Spray: If you plan to sit outside or explore the train's stops, bring sunscreen and bug spray to protect yourself from the sun and insects.

  7. Bring Cash: While most vendors along the route accept credit cards, it's always a good idea to bring cash for tips or small purchases.

  8. Pack a Picnic for the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway: You can bring your own food and drinks on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, so consider packing a picnic to enjoy during the ride. Check out downtown Blue Ridge before the train ride.

  9. Check the Weather Forecast Before Your Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Trip: Be sure to check the weather forecast before your trip to ensure you're prepared for any conditions and make the most of your journey.

  10. Sit on the Right Side of the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway: For the best views, try to secure a seat on the right side of the train on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway in Georgia.

How much does it cost to ride the train in Blue Ridge Georgia?

Seniors 65+ ($45 for standard seats and $75 for premium seats). Military & First Responders: $8 in standard seating/79 in prime seating. Children 0 to 12 - 19 years: $24.95.

Where does the train go from Blue Ridge GA?

You will board the Blue Ridge Train to the neighboring communities of McCaysville GA / Copperhill Tennessee. 

The best way to get around is by hopping on the historic rail line that passes through downtown Blue Ridge. This classic train takes passengers on a scenic journey through the Chattahoochee National Forest with plenty of stops along the way. From Blue Ridge Station, passengers can board the train and ride to destinations like Ellijay or McCaysville - both of which offer an array of outdoor activities, shopping opportunities, and amazing restaurants. The train also makes stops in Copperhill for those looking to take advantage of white water rafting or go horseback riding along trail paths winding through nature preserves.

Where is the best place to sit on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway?

This side is better, but you should not worry about it. The railroad has people who sit on the side of the river in the outbound route switch sides on return journeys. 

Is Blue Ridge Scenic Railway a round trip?

Beginning with the historical depot at the City of Blue Ridge, in North Georgia, riders begin a four-hour round trip along the beautiful Toccoa River across North Georgia. The train ride starts in downtown Blue Ridge and ends at the historic depot in McCaysville, offering incredible views of the countryside along the way. 

Luckily for all those looking for an unforgettable journey, this scenic railway does indeed offer a round-trip opportunity! Those who embark on this magical experience will have time to explore both McCaysville, Georgia, and Copperhill, Tennessee before looping back around. The trip will be giving you plenty of time to take pictures, get lunch at one of the eateries near the station, or just sit back and enjoy watching nature pass by.

What is the best coach seating for the Blue Ridge train?

Premier class features higher seating and destinations and catered snacks and dessert on the return trip.

What is the premier seating on the Blue Ridge train ride?

The Premier class comes with several notable benefits such as reclining seats a large catered snack (small meals), a complimentary snack on the return trip for dessert, a group photo (1 for sale transactions), and more.

What is the best side to sit on Blue Ridge Scenic Railway?

The best views are in the direction the trains travel to their destination. You turn on the side of the road but face your destination. 

What does open-air rail cars mean on a train ride?

Most train passengers prefer the enclosed car. On the Fall Foliage Train rides they offer views where one can look directly outside at the surroundings versus our enclosed cars.

Where does the train in Blue Ridge Georgia go?

You're onboard, you're on the train from Blue Ridge to the sister towns of TN, McCaysville and Copper Hill TN. The 2-hour Excursion offers travelers the corresponding 26-mile roundtrip route along the Toccoa River.

In conclusion, the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway of North Georgia is an amazing vacation destination for anyone looking to experience beautiful scenery and history. Whether you’re visiting the area with your family or friends, there is something to be enjoyed by all. From the comfort of the train, you can take in the breathtaking views of North Georgia’s natural surroundings. You’ll learn about the state’s colorful history and get a chance to explore some charming towns along the way.

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