Discover 23+ Top Blue Ridge Mountains Restaurants to Try Now

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Discover 23+ top blue ridge mountains restaurants to try now

Brian and I were food aficionados, meaning we enjoy spending time searching local eateries when we get to Blue Ridge after staying at our vacation rental Blue Mountain Dreams . Back in the day, restaurants weren't thought to be as big of a focal point in the town. There are still many local eateries in Blue Ridge today. Following a long day of hiking in the mountains and shopping around town, we normally like to unwind at one of the many good restaurants around the Blue Ridge Area.


Black Sheep Restaurant lay beneath 200-year-old oak trees in a perfect location. Decent steak and seafood grace the menu, and change with season. Even better (if we ask) the most important feature is the Blue Ridge's largest outdoor restaurant. Seating is very popular in this intimate setting; make a reservation in advance . If you get a chance try their Chicken and Red Velvet Waffle it was the best!


Cucina Rustica is situated in Morganton, close to the Blue Ridge area, and offers fine dining and a restaurant. Here we serve Italian cuisine in the typical country atmosphere. Try their Cucina meats first and enjoy their delicious entrees like Cucina Veal Parmigiana. The small restaurant does have limited seating so reserve in advance!

Mercier Orchards Cafe(Southern)

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The Blue Ridge, Georgia restaurant deserves a return visit . Since 1943, Mercier Orchards have been one of Blue Ridge's best-loved attractions. The menu consists primarily of fairly typical soup and sandwich options, although the menu includes a couple standouts worth note : the cinnamon bread, fritters and fried pies were very good.

Black Sheep Restaurant (New American)

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480 West Main St. • 756-446-6333. A popular eatery in Blue Ridge GA, the Black Sheep Restaurant is located inside Colonel William Butts historic home. Colonel Butt and his wife, Fanny, were socialites from early twentieth century who often hosted meetings with friends such as author Margaret Mitchell. The house was originally built circa 1914 and was beautifully restored and is one of our favorite Blue Ridge eateries. The interior is sophisticated and tastefully, lighting is moody and serene and the rooms give each room a quiet feel and provide romantic privacy.

Places to Eat in Blue Ridge GA

Harvest on Main (Upscale Southern)

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The Harvest On Main restaurant features an upscale Southern menu by James Beard Award winning Danny Mellman. The group is based in Little Pond Hospitality Group which has launched some of the finest restaurants in North Georgia. The restaurant's interior feels more like a classy, comfortable Blue Ridge Mountain Lodge. You must try their duck and the ravioli!

Rum Cake Lady Cuban Food CafeĢ

Visit the fast-casual cafe for rum cakes along with Cuban favorite foods such as salads sandwich, and cafe cubana. Outdoor seating only. TripAdvisor rated it the #1 Best Blue Ridge Restaurants! This McCaysville restaurant has indoor and outdoor dining for pets.

Try their delicious and meaty Cuba sandwiches. It comes with Roasted Chicken Bolo, Swiss Cheese and toasted Cuban bread. In dessert, the company offers gluten-free rum cakes that are as moist and decadent as normal rumcakes.

Cantaberry Restaurant

It's an excellent casual eatery on Blue Ridge's north shore that's open daily for breakfast. Additional locations within Ellijay serve meals on select weekends.You can't go wrong with the chicken salad and chicken and rice soup

Las 2 Huastecas (Mexican)

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4114 1 St E • 626-632-2111 Through Harvest On Main's server, we found Las 2 Huastecas, a is located outside downtown Blue Ridge. You would never recognize the restaurant in Blue Ridge from its unusual exterior. But street tacos and veggie burritos are special delights that are different . Angela Hernandez's family cooks each delicious meal on a small platform with perfectly cured meats.


Southern Charm Restaurant (Southern)

This place offers warmth and hospitality in wholesome Deep South comfort foods. Choose a daily meal like chicken dumplings or Friday dinner with the best-in-class catfish....or pick one of several country dishes such as pie or meat loaf. Start with fried tomatoes, finish with bread pudding. You can go out there and be greeted, but this is first come/first served.

225 W. Main St. • 706-633-2900 From the delicious smell of fried food wafting from the kitchen to the sweeter-than-Georgia Tea ambiance that greets guests at the entrance, a visit to this place will certainly be a warm welcome. This family-run place has an emphasis on Southern hospitality and charm.

Lake Blue Ridge Marina's Boat Dock Bar & Grill

Drive or sail to Boat Docks on Blue Ridge Lake. Summer months: Sundays - Tuesdays 11:00am to 9:00pm. Closed Monday. Make sure to try their wings !

Mystic Mountain Pizza

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Mystic Mountain pizza serves hotdogs and brick oven pizza.Listen to bluegrass with your brick ovens pizza from Tuesday to Sunday. Check their website for mire details .

Casual Restaurants in Blue Ridge

These casual restaurant locations offer good meals as well as the local brand. Get southern cuisine and local specialities at this casual restaurant in the Blue Ridge.

Chester Brunnenmeyer's Bar & Grill

It is located inside Gartrell Hotel and opened in 2014. This is a popular bar and grill and is popular by locals for a good meal with great food as well as an atmosphere. This company believes that a local flavor is necessary in order to attract customers. Its appetizer menu is luxuriously rustic. Some popular choices include wings , baked, soft pretzel and smoked trout dip. There is also deep fried sticky ribs available as an appetizer, depending on how you wish you're going to share or not! There are also several options for wings. You have choice of 10, 20, or 50 wings! Come hungry!

Mona Lisa's Dessert House (Dessert/Wine Bar)

116 W Grand St #1A. 763-646-4040 If you're looking for a place to relax after a busy week of hiking and other outdoor experiences in the Blue Ridge, then check out Mona Lisa. The family run restaurant is characterized with sleek and refined interiors that the owner and uncle created to the point that the locals of Atlanta would assume they came from Buckhead or Johns Creek. It sets a calm mood that will leave you in a lingering state. It houses some of the most decadents desserts like coconut cake and key lim pie .


Huck's General Store is a candy paradise. You can find books, gifts, tchotchkes, and other sundries...but there's big barrels of candy — as you can recall from childhood . Pick out the cup and make it your own.


Masseria Cuisine is situated near historic downtown Blue Ridge which combines Mediterranean and Appalachian cultures. It offers a lot more than simply Pizza, but we love pizza and recommend the daily special for something memorable (gluten-free). Traditionally, you could pair this beer with craft beer, but this bar team is talented enough for a stronger drink that matches well with the dish. For dessert we love the Nutella pie!

Blue Jeans Pizza In Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge restaurant offers excellent pizzas and wings to everyone. Another local favorite, you may also enjoy pasta for watching games and enjoying some pizza. The food and the crew were fantastic! This Blue Ridge Restaurant is very popular with its customers because they have freshly baked dough onsite. There are numerous appetizers, pizza, calzones and many comfort dishes on the table. But people are actually interested in pizza!

Misty Mountain Hops

It's an upscale music venue at Blue Ridge that offers live concerts almost every week! Our recommendation is fried okra and fried Deviled Egg. A few others include the Wookie Nachos and the Fried Brussels Sprout. Both choices have you salivating every time you wait until they reach our tables!

Toccoa Riverside Restaurant

Toccoa River Restaurant allows you to enjoy waterfront dining in. Try their pecan pie and the smoked trout !There is an outdoor bar that has an enclosed patio.

The Sweet Shoppe of the South

Have any sweet tooth? This is an awesome place.


Blue Smoke Barbeques provide an authentic ‘que with everything needed for a delicious meal. This is the perfect place to buy some meat in pounds to spend your first night inside a cabin. Children's meals cost less than $7! Their bars - B-Qs have the delicious Smoky taste which is only obtained from real wood smoke. You can always have an our all time favorite : wings and biscuits .


Out of Z Blue offers a divine vino, artisan cheese, growlers from our breweries and some of the coolest wines. Our favorites are bottles of wine . Come early for some snacks while shopping.


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Blue Ridge Mountain Food Tours are a way of dealing with overwhelm! There's so many delicious places to eat around Blue Ridge that getting your own instructor is a must. Choose a walking tour from three different options – a coffee trip, a food tour, and a sweet tooth trip. They're less than 3 hours long, contain around five stops and promise plenty of fun.


MooBears Ice Cream & Hotdogs (check to see if they have opened up as they were temporarily closed ) serve 30 different flavors of Ashby's Ice Cream! Also, craft soda is available at this location. Moobears are an ideal place for a relaxing treat after a long trek.

Stop by Happy Bear's Ice Cream and treats! All of these items can be found in Happy Bear.

Blue Ridge Mountain Bar-B-Q

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Blue Ridge Mountain BBQ prides itself in hickory wood smoke that produces a delicious smokey flavor. Enjoy sandwiches with many South Side dishes such as baked beans, fried okra or collard greens.


Try Blend Superfood Café for a wide variety of acai salads and smoothie drinks. This is a blend of healthy food and beverage products.

In conclusion,Blue Ridge, Georgia is a wonderful place to visit for anyone looking to enjoy a nice vacation. With its stunning mountain views and delicious restaurants, there's something for everyone to love. From the quaint restaurants downtown to the newer eateries in the area, you won't be disappointed in the variety of flavors offered. So if you're planning your next getaway, consider the Blue Mountain Dreams - it will be a trip you'll never forget! Why not plan your next vacation today?

Is Blue Ridge Georgia worth visiting?

Blue Ridge, a mountain town in North Georgia, is known for its vibrant artistic scene as it offers countless opportunities for outdoor activities.

Is Blue Ridge GA pretty?

Gorgeous mountain scenery Summer is filled with laurel & rhodondron blooms along with warm water for swimming and sailing. Blue Ridge offers many options for exploring autumn colors as well as for enjoying the Holidays.

What is Blue Ridge GA known for?

Blue Ridge was named a "Top Mountain Town 2022" by South Living Magazine . Get off the Blue Ridge scenic railway and follow the Toccoa River towards McCaysville.

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What river runs through Blue Ridge GA?

The Toccoa river flows north of its headwaters in the Chattahoochee national forest to the GA / TA route where it's named is now the Ocoe River. Across the river, Blue Ridge Dam is a stunning Lake Blue Ridge.