Explore Blue Ridge through Whitewater Rafting!

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Explore Blue Ridge through Whitewater Rafting!

If you are looking to have an adventurous day, then look no further than rafting! There are many different types of rafts that rafters use depending on how much time they have and what type of river they will be going down.

Best Time to Go

It's is a popular activity for those looking to take on the rapids and explore the majestic nature that surrounds them. Going rafting during the early months of summer provides an ideal time to enjoy the best of what the region has to offer. From May through June, visitors can take advantage of mild temperatures and more moderate currents as they navigate their way through this picturesque area.

The milder weather during these months ensures that visitors stay comfortable while paddling and also helps create beautiful views from atop the river’s rolling hills. With plenty of opportune times for spotting wildlife such as deer, beavers, and even black bears, there are plenty of opportunities for an unforgettable adventure.

Safety Tips

With a few safety tips and precautions, however, you can be sure your trip will be both enjoyable and safe!

First and foremost, wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) at all times is essential for any rafter’s safety. This should fit snugly around your torso so that it won’t impede movement or come off if you fall into the water. Additionally, carrying spare oars or paddles in case one gets lost or broken is highly recommended. It also helps to check weather updates before planning your journey so that you are aware of any hazardous conditions that may arise during your rafting excursion.

Fun Activities

The area has breathtaking views and plenty of rapids to make your outdoor experience full of adventure. Whether you are looking for a thrilling ride or just want to take in the beauty that the Blue Ridge Mountains have to offer, rafting is the perfect activity.

No matter what skill level you have, there are different routes available so everyone can join in on the fun. Professional guides will escort all groups downriver, ensuring that you stay safe while having a great time. Experienced guides know all about the routes and can tell stories about local wildlife and landmarks as you pass along your journey.

Experience the thrill of whitewater rafting in one of nature’s most captivating settings.

Are Class 2 rapids rough?

There are two main types of rivers where most rafters take their first trip- Class I and II rapids.

Class I rivers are typically not too difficult with only small bumps or drops. These can sometimes even feel like large waves as the boat is jumping around from side to side.

Most people start off by rafting on class I rivers before moving onto class II rivers.

Intermediate level rivers are definitely better than beginner level ones but they are still easy enough to enjoy. Most people begin by rafting here before moving up to harder rapids.

Is there tubing in Blue Ridge GA?

Ocoee River Rafting trips

One of the best places for rafting near Georgia, the Ocoee rafting is situated across the border at Copper Hill. Located in the Cherokee National Forest, the Ocoee River flows through a beautiful gorge surrounded by scenic wildlife, yet it is within several hours of many major cities in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina.Ocoee Adventure Center The Ocoee Adventure CenterOutpost is easy to find on Highway 64 near Copperhill.

Ocoee Adventure Center is only a few blocks from Ellijay and the Blue Ridge area. Ocoee River Rafting offers popular whitewater kayaking trips in North Georgia. The whole water journey the Ocoee Adventure Center is six hours long, including the mandatory safety briefing prior to departure and the actual time spent on the river is approximately 4 hours.

rafting in blue ridge Georgia

Ocoee River Rafting

Between March and October, the Ocoee rafting hosts whitewater lovers who travel to shoot the highest-level rapids on boats and kayaks. Outdoor adventurer Kim Urquhart calls it the perfect paradise for the paddler. Approximately 300 000 people experience rafting on Lake Ocoee every day.

Also trips on the Nantahala River. 800-408-7238. Carolina Ocoee Located in Ducktown, you can enjoy their 20 years of experience on the Ocoee or Nantahala Rivers.

Ocoee Rafting, located on the Ocoee River in Tennessee, is the oldest whitewater rafting company in the region. Established 70 years ago, it has been providing thrilling adventures for visitors seeking an exciting outdoor experience ever since.

Most of these companies require you to pay an entry fee and additional fees per person to participate in their rafting tours. These can range from $20–$50 per person!

Some may also ask you to bring your own gear such as helmets, life jackets, paddles, etc. You do not need to prepare yourself before coming on a rafting tour, however, they are helpful if you want to truly enjoy it.

Many times while touring, the guides let participants carry their own equipment so that anyone interested can choose to do so. This way you don’t feel obligated to buy everything because you didn’t pick up what was offered.

White Water Rafting Companies in Georgia

Rolling Thunder River Company. Hughes Street. Mccaysville, GR 3055. 1-800-445-87238. Tubing. 703-692-7720. A Rolling Thunder River Company is your ideal outfitter for a rafting adventure in McCaysville. Toccoa Valley Campground in Blue Ridge has rafts and kayaks, in addition to tubes, with full shuttle service. But there are numerous other options for kayaking and tubing the Toccoa River.

Tubing, Kayaking & Rafting the Toccoa River

But there are numerous other options for kayaking and tubing the Toccoa River. Boat and water activities are better for families with smaller kids. Tubing is available from Toccoa at Blue Ridge above Lake Blue Ridge dam as well as from Toccoa in McCaysville. The Toccoa offers raft and kayak float trips for children aged 5 and older.www.rollingthunderriverco.com Toccoa River Adventures 340 Toccoa Avenue McCaysville, GA, 30555 706)492-5280 (706)455-4502 www.toccoariveradventures.com

Choose from a zipline canopy tour, Ocoee River whitewater rafting, Toccoa River tubing, or the Aerial Adventure Park ropes course.Tubing, Kayaking & Rafting the Toccoa River Float, kayak and tubing trips on the Toccoa River in Blue Ridge and McCaysville are better suited to families with smaller kids.

What to Expect : Pack your things

rafting in blue ridge Georgia

If you are thinking of doing rafting, then you should know that there is already so much going on! There will probably be at least two to three hours of activity for every person before, during, and after the trip.

Most people begin by arriving early afternoon at one of the check-in locations (routes do not run without checking in). This is when you will find out which company and location you will be traveling with, what time the boat leaves, and where the next stop will be.

After check-in, most people have lunch or snacks brought from home since they are supplied with this by the tour company. Then, the staff usually disperses everyone around different activities such as hiking, swimming, or just lounging about to get ready for the actual rafting experience.

When it’s time to go, some groups take an organized bus ride while others travel together as a group or individual. No matter what, though, all travelers must check wetsuits, life jackets, and other equipment needed for the journey ahead.

Once everything is packed up and done, anyone can hang out anywhere until the boats arrive! The best way to enjoy yourself is really personal preference. Some like to read, so there are many spots to choose from. Others may want to watch the water or chat with friends.

Before you raft, make sure you are well-fed! Many restaurants along the river offer great food that can be transported and eaten before or after your trip.

How much it does it cost to go white water rafting in Georgia?

It’s a thrilling way to explore rivers and canyons while experiencing nature. But, how much does it cost to go white water rafting in Georgia?

The price of a white water rafting trip varies depending on the duration and difficulty of the course. Generally, trips with more difficult courses will be more expensive than those with less challenging courses. Additionally, you’ll need to factor in rental fees for any gear that you don’t already have such as wet suits, helmets and life jackets – these will also increase your overall cost. That said, prices for a full-day trip typically range from $75 - $150 per person but may vary based on company policies or promotions.

rafting in blue ridge Georgia

In conclusion,rafting in Blue Ridge Georgia is an incredible experience that is sure to bring you closer to nature and provide a thrilling adventure for all ages. From the little rapids leading up to the more intense ones that will have your heart racing, there is something for everyone. With professional guides, state of the art rafts, and gorgeous views, Blue Ridge Georgia provides a safe and stunning atmosphere for the perfect day on the river.