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Dollywood TimeSaver Pass

Hey there, fellow adventurers! Sue here, with another exciting tidbit to ensure you get the best out of your Great Smoky Mountains getaway. If you're like us, and you'd rather spend your time having fun instead of standing in lines, then Dollywood's TimeSaver Reservation Center is about to become your new best friend. 🎢💨. Need a place to stay ? Check out our amaze-balls view at Dreamy Vistas!

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So, what's the scoop? The TimeSaver Reservation Center is Dollywood Theme Park's genius solution to lengthy queue times. It's all about putting you back in control of your schedule and letting you make the most of your time in the park. And isn't that just what we all need when we're on vacation?

How Does Dollywood Timesaver Work 🧐

When you arrive at Dollywood, swing by the TimeSaver Reservation Center. You can grab yourself a TimeSaver Pass, a nifty tip that lets you reserve your spot in line at some of the park's most popular rides. You can take a stroll, grab a bite, or even hit another ride while you wait for your turn. It's like having a personal assistant who stands in line for you!

And here's the kicker: there are TWO kinds of TimeSaver Passes you can opt for. 😮

  1. TimeSaver Pass: This pass gives you expedited entrance to ten select attractions throughout the day.

  2. TimeSaver Unlimited: As the name implies, this pass offers unlimited expedited entrance to select attractions.


    If you're a proud holder of the Dollywood Gold or Diamond Season Pass, there's more good news coming your way! As a token of appreciation for your patronage, Dollywood offers a neat little discount on TimeSaver Passes - $5 off for Gold Pass holders and a whopping $10 off for Diamond Pass holders. This means even more savings as you maximize your Dollywood adventures!

    But wait, there's more! Getting your TimeSaver Pass is as easy as pie. You can choose to order your pass online and get a digital pass delivered right to your inbox. Prefer the feel of a paper ticket in your hand? No problem! Just swing by the TimeSaver Reservation Center at Dollywood and they'll set you up with a paper ticket. Either way, you're all set for a fun-filled day at Dollywood, minus the long lines!

Remember, these passes are an additional cost on top of your regular Dollywood admission ticket. Prices can vary depending on the day and the season, so it's worth checking out Dollywood's official website or calling their customer service for the latest info.TimeSaver Passes allow you unlimited daily show reservations at participating theaters also.Participating theaters include Pines Theater, Showstreet Palace Theater and Celebrity Theater.

One pro tip we've discovered: Try using your TimeSaver Pass during the late morning hours. That's typically when lines are at their longest, and the pass can save you significant time.

TimeSaver Attractions 

Dollywood Rides

Ah, the Smoky Mountain River Rampage! It's one of those classic Dollywood rides that never loses its charm. Nestled amidst the stunning Smoky Mountain landscape, this white-water rafting adventure guarantees a splashing good time for the entire family. But here's a hot tip: this ride is wildly popular, so lines can get long. That's where your trusty Dollywood TimeSaver Pass comes in. Just flash it at the entrance, and you'll bypass the regular line, landing you on a raft before you know it. And it's not just the River Rampage - this VIP pass also works wonders at other hotspots like the Wild Eagle, FireChaser Express, and Mystery Mine. Now that's what we call smart adventuring!

If you're a thrill-seeker with a love for all things wet and wild, then the Mountain River Rampage at Dollywood is your must-go destination. Imagine yourself coursing down the roaring river, nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, on a raft that bobs, twirls, and surges with the currents. It's the perfect blend of natural beauty and heart-pounding excitement. But here's an insider secret from us, Sue and Brian - the lines for this ride can be quite daunting, especially during peak times. That's where the Dollywood TimeSaver Pass comes to your rescue. With this golden ticket in hand, you'll skip the regular queue and find yourself fast-tracked straight to the raft. So, are you ready to dive into an unforgettable river rampage adventure, minus the long wait times? We thought so!

Picture this: You're strolling down Show Street at Dollywood, your heart racing with anticipation as the grandeur of the Palace Theater comes into view. This is where you'll experience the magic that only Dollywood can deliver, all thanks to the Dollywood Time Saver Pass. From the moment you request digital admission, your journey into this exclusive park begins. The Time Saver Pass is not just a simple entry ticket, it's your personal invite to a world filled with special guided experiences and awe-inspiring performances.

In this bustling paradise, season passes are your gateway to return visits, but the Time Saver Pass is what truly unlocks the heart of Dollywood. With it, you gain access to special offers unavailable to regular ticket holders, elevating your park visit to an unforgettable adventure. As an essential part of your guest information pack, we always recommend this valuable tool to maximize your Dollywood experience.

Dollywood Shows

One look at the joyous faces exiting the Palace Theater, and you'll see why. The Time Saver Pass ensures you’re always in the front row, relishing every moment of the top-notch entertainment Dollywood offers. Whether it's musical extravaganzas, thrilling rides, or the warm hospitality of the Smokies, the Dollywood Time Saver Pass is your VIP access to it all. It's not just a pass, it's your ticket to creating priceless memories at Dollywood!

Beyond the exhilarating rides and beautiful landscapes, Dollywood also shines brightly with its roster of high-quality shows that are a treat for visitors of all ages. And let me tell you, these performances are not to be missed! From heart-thumping live music that gets your feet tapping to captivating theatrical acts that transport you to another realm, each show at Dollywood offers a unique and memorable experience. Now, the trick to fitting in as many of these fantastic shows as possible in a single day? You guessed it - the Dollywood TimeSaver Pass. Opt for the unlimited version and voila, you're all set to enjoy non-stop entertainment. With the freedom to hop from one show to another, it's like having a front-row seat to the best gig in town, every single time! So, strap in for a day of endless enchantment and captivating performances. Let the show begin!

So, there you have it, folks. Dollywood's TimeSaver Reservation Center – your ticket to more fun and less queue time. And don't worry about the details. Just remember, at the heart of it all, it's about you having a blast.

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